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Pro Rata Guarantee

. as full-time employees, calculated on a pro-rata basis reflecting the.. This means if you are guaranteed a number of hours overtime per.

Pro rata is the term used to describe a proportionate allocation. It is a method of assigning an amount to a fraction according to its share of the whole. Exide discontinued Pro-Rata warranty on batteries shipped from Exide on or after 10/1/2012 How do you tell if a battery is eligible for pro-rata limited warranty credit? check the part number.

pro rata: Proportionate allocation or distribution of a quantity (such as costs, income, shares, taxes) on the basis of a common factor. For example, profit is generally divided among several stockholders (shareholders) on the basis of the amount of stock (number of shares) held by each. Latin for, according to the rate.

Pro rata is an adverb or adjective meaning in equal portions or in proportion. The term is used in many legal and economic contexts. The hyphenated spelling.

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Definition of PRO RATA GUARANTEE: Under the terms of an agreement between the concerned parties, the pro rata guarantee assures that the obligation to.

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Limited guarantees can be critically important in both a commercial and. consider the option of limiting your guarantee to only your pro rata.

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Pro rata – Wikipedia – Pro rata is an adverb or adjective, meaning in proportion. The term is used in many legal and economic contexts. It is sometimes spelled pro-rata , but this is technically a misspelling of the Latin phrase.

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